Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints

Albrecht Dürer, The Landauer Altarpiece, commissioned by a wealthy Nuremberg merchant Martin Landauer (who appears in the painting introduced by a cardinal on the lower left) for the All Saints chapel attached to a hospital for indigent elderly men which he founded; Landauer would end his days in that hospital.

Here are some of my favorite saints (official and unofficial). What are yours?

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Mary Magdalene

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Oscar Romero

Julian of Norwich

Mychal Judge

Jonathan Swift

Benedict of Nursia

Mahalia Jackson

Deacon Thomas Clarkson

Frederick Denison Maurice

John Wesley

Live this life and do what ever is done in a spirit of thanksgiving. Abandon attempts to achieve security, they are futile. Give up the search for wealth, it is demeaning. Quit the search for salvation, it is selfish. And come to comfortable rest in the certainty that those who participate in this life with an attitude of thanksgiving will receive its full promise. -- St. Benedict

And being the Universalist heretic that I am, here are some very unofficial people, including some non-Christians, who I would consider saintly.

Albert Camus

Josephine Baker

Martin Buber

William Blake

Paul Tillich


Michael Callen

Mohandas Gandhi

Chief Joseph

Harriet Tubman

Yitzakh Rabin


JCF said...

Great post, Doug---a blessed Feast of All Saints to you! [That's right, a FEAST. Must get some appropriate ice cream for the occasion! :-)]

I confess, have no idea who Deacon Thomas Clarkson is. [Am fuzzy re a few others]

Don't much care for the Durer. This is more my style (hat-tip Padre Mickey)

Counterlight said...


as for the paintings, chaconne a son gout.

TLH said...

This is sort of late, but I'll toss it in anyway:

Miep Gies, one of the people who helped the Frank and van Pels (whom Anne named "van Daans" in her diary) families as well as Fritz Pfeffer (whom Anne called "Dussel" in her diary) hide in the Secret Annexe in Amsterdam. Miep passed away in January of 2010, if I remember correctly.


Tracie said...

PS: Clarkson was one of the abolitionists along with Wilberforce, etc, was he not? Do I have the correct Clarkson?


Counterlight said...

Yes, that's the one.