Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When "Serve and Protect" Becomes "Comply or Hurt"

I was going to write a whole post about the militarization of the cops, and the increasingly free use of "non-lethal" weapons (never mind that some people have died from taser attacks and even pepper-spray).

But Digby beat me to it and wrote a much better essay than I could have.


James Fallows quotes extensively from two people with sharply differing experiences and perspectives on the police. This is a follow up to another post he made about the militarization of local police.


JCF said...

What I said a couple threads down:

I think the commonality is VIOLENCE. The violence of the 1% in sacrificing the poor/becoming-poor, to protect their tax cuts. The violence of the banks, forcing the becoming-poor out of their homes. The violence of the badge-wearers, who believe that they have the RIGHT to have others SUBMIT, No Questions Asked, or else they have the RIGHT to inflict pain.

As you say Doug, those not protected by whiteness or wealth have ALWAYS experienced the badge-wearers "Submit or Pain!" ultimatum.

But now the wealth-barrier is dissolving away for So Many, and it's Open Season.

Counterlight said...


James Fallows extensively quotes some people (linked on the post) who would very much agree, and even say that you do not go far enough.