Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloomberg Clears Out Liberty Plaza

Poster by Shepard Fairey

No democracy for YOU!

--At the moment, according to the radio, protesters are marching from Foley Square to City Hall and are attempting to block off the gates to City Hall while Bloomberg holds a press conference there.

--Hundreds of people are now gathering at 6th avenue and Canal street with the intent of marching back to Liberty Plaza. Unions are now making plans to join the protesters later today.

--A judge has now ruled that the protesters may return and bring their tents. The mayor filed an immediate appeal and is keeping the park closed.

--At a press conference the mayor claims that the raid is in the name of "public safety." Occupy unofficial spoksesperson Jesse LaGreca calls the mayor a "third world dictator."

--The Transit Workers Union together with some other unions will rally at 3PM in support of the evicted protesters, on the same day that contract negotiations begin for transit workers.

This ain't over folks.


Keith Olberman tells us what he really thinks of our plutocrat mayor, and pulls no punches. Thanks to Paul (A) for sending this in.


Tristan Alexander said...

I just love all the lies they use o justify desroying the Occupy camps. "Public safty" and "health concerns" are so bogus and transparent, but most people must be buying those lies! Makes me so angry!

JCF said...

After all the time of us Yanks dumping on St Paul's...

...TrinityWS is keeping Occupiers out of its park, too. :-(

Going to a solidarity rally (in my little corner of my burg) on Thursday. Finally. (Better late than never?)

Paul (A.) said...

I like the Special Comment.

MarkBrunson said...

It scares me more and more; not that they can do this - we always knew abuse of power was a possibility - but that the lessons of history have NOT been learned. OWS is non-violent, but everyone else isn't going to stay that way for long. It reminds me of the reactions to Parisian crowds clamoring for bread, or the march in St. Petersburg to beg "Our Tsar and Father" for better treatment for the poor workers - and we all know what those reactions brought about.