Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus I Don't Work In Retail Anymore!

And they're off!

Hat tip to JoeMyGod. No reports -- yet -- of any store clerks killed this year.


No deaths yet, but apparently there have been some very serious injuries.

My best wishes go out to all of you retail clerks out there on the front lines dodging the shrapnel.


Unknown said...

I avoid Black Friday these days like the plague (Did it when I was young and stupid!)! And like you, I am so glad I am not in retail anymore.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaannnnndd don't forget about the woman who took a leaf out of Lt. Pike's book and pepper-sprayed other people while hunting for a Christmas deal.

I too given very fervent thanks that I no longer work in retail as I used to. I worked for Sam Goody music for 3 years while I was in high school, and believe me - Black Friday in a music store just plain SUCKS.