Monday, November 21, 2011

Silent Protest

This is extraordinary. I've never seen anything like this. The Chancellor of UC Davis walks out to her car and is met by a huge, but completely silent, student protest.


Apparently Chancellor Katehi is taking the bureaucrats way out, the old "time to move on and put this behind us" excuse in which we sweep the whole unpleasantness under the rug and get on with our lives. This, of course, leaves her and all others responsible free from any accountability. Where have we heard this excuse before over the last ten years? I can think of several places from Washington to Beizhing.


JCF said...

I'm so proud to see the *students* of my alma mater put UC Davis in the public eye in the best possible way.

Occupy Everywhere!

susan s. said...

I thought I heard someone asking her questions. But it might have been a reporter.

it's margaret said...

I hope no one shows up for her "general assembly" on Monday..... what's there to say?

JCF said...

It was their general assembly, Margaret (the occupying students'). She just spoke at it.

I don't think she convinced very many that she shouldn't still resign.

it's margaret said...

I think she referred to an upcoming rally on Monday --one that she has called.

My niece graduated from Davis last June. She said she is considering going to the rally this coming Monday.

Murdoch Matthew said...

I wish I could remember the details of a dispute at Oberlin College while my daughter was there -- 1988-1992. May have been when the college broke the ties between housekeepers and students by making the housekeepers a mobile force rather than assigned to specific dorms where they developed releationships with the students. Anyway, the students were upset with President Starr and turned their backs on him at a graduation. He took a year off, the students graduated, and he came back as if nothing had happened.

College officials don't answer to students, just as politicians don't answer to voters. They answer to the people who recruit them and fund them. I hope that the students will continue to boycott Chancellor Katehi. Let her find solace with her rich friends.