Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm grateful for so many things.

I'm thankful for Michael who has ended my loneliness, given me new courage, and a new home. I'm thankful for a whole new family as my old one passes away.

I'm thankful for old friends and for new ones.

I'm thankful for all the animals in my life, now and in the past.

I'm thankful for art. It's given me a reason to get up in the morning and be glad to face a new day for most of my life. It takes the random dull mess of life and fills it with wonder and meaning. It's one of those miraculous things we do despite our being mortal and fallible.

I'm thankful for my work and for all of its exceptional gratifications, for my colleagues, for my students.

I'm especially grateful for the satisfaction of knowing that after so many years of being told that I couldn't and shouldn't, I could and I did. I started out painting on canvas panels in my room when I was 10, using a pie tin for a palette, and now I'm an artist with a studio in Manhattan.

I'm thankful that I can pay my bills. A lot of people can't say that now.

I'm thankful that I have a job, and that I like it. A lot of people can't say that these days.

I'm thankful for relatively good health. I can still walk and talk. My vision is excellent for my age.

I'm thankful for the internet. It's made a profound difference in my life. I'm not sure that I'd have much of what I have now if it wasn't around.

Even though I'm always behind the curve and slow to catch up, I'm grateful for technology. The computer has made so much of my work a lot easier and more manageable. Tech continues to open up new possibilities.

I've done a little traveling, I've had some great adventures along the way, and I hope I've accomplished a few things which make life a little better for a few others.


it's margaret said...

I'm thankful for your presence on this blog. Many blessings to you and yours Doug.

Counterlight said...

And I'm thankful for all of my readers.

Unknown said...

And I'm thankful for you and all your blog entries - I especially love the ones with art, and travel as well as the ones that make me really think...thanks, Doug!

Paul said...

What Margaret and Ciss B said. I am thankful for the thoughts, information, and heart you share here and how that enriches my life and the lives of many others. I am glad Mimi introduced me to you.