Monday, November 14, 2011


Michael and I dressed to the teeth on Sunday for his sister Linda's wedding. She married her longtime boyfriend Evan down at Brooklyn Bridge Park on the East River between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. The park is a popular spot for weddings and wedding photos. Lots of brides posed on the river rocks in frothy white for various photographers.

Here we are in our best. I look so much like my Dad. He looks nothing like his Dad.

Michael took this picture of us together. The hat comes in handy. I don't know how much longer the comb-over will last.

A very elegant Michael

Myself looking like Karl Malden without the nose.

Michael with the radiant bride. We both agreed that her choice of 1930s glam over standard issue Victorian bridal froth was truly inspired.

Here are the lovely young couple. They met in college 9 years ago.

The ceremony by the river. Vive l'amour! I took this picture, and I'm real proud of it.


June Butler said...

Wonderful pictures, Doug. You and Michael both look elegant. The bride is gorgeous; the groom is handsome. They're in love. All is as it should be.

And the bride's dress...c'est magnifique!

JCF said...

Oh, AWESOMEsauce!

Mazel Tov to the couple---to BOTH couples! ;-)

Can't resist:

Have you heard
It's in the stars:
Next July
We Collide with Mars?

Well, did you evah?

What a Swell Party This Is!


What a Swellegant,

JCF said...

The groom sort of looks like (actor) Sean Maher...but, y'know, a straight Sean Maher. ;-) [Sean just recently came out]

Great pics, Doug!

Aw, New York et l'mour. Especially in the fall. That's how MY marriage got started, too. [Ooops. No omen, no omen! ;-X]

MadPriest said...

Karl Malden? No. I think you look far more cool and Chandleresque. There's definitely a hardbitten gumshoe, Philip Marlowe, look about you.

JCF said...

Who's the woman in the beret? JOP/equivalent? A clergywoman? A drafted friend? [my inquiring mind]

All happiness to Linda&Evan---but if it doesn't work, Doug, you can give her my email! >;-p

Leonard said...

Lovely, all. Thank you for including us. Len/Leonardo

JCF said...

I forgot to ask: did Michael catch the bouquet? {hope, hope!}


Paul said...

Two stunningly attractive couples. Thanks for sharing. May love always flourish.