Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks

Rowan Williams finally comments on the Occupy London SX camp outside St. Paul's, and on the issues driving it.

A swing and a miss.

For reasons that are mysterious to me, the same ++Rowan Williams who came out swinging at the Tory austerity program, hedges his bets on this issue above all issues.


Leonard said...

Quick/snitty talkers, even with alluring accents , make me wonder about their real character...the man, Archbishop Rowan, more than ¨hedges¨ in my opinion...he replays, he options, he doubletalks...the man, says whatever it is that he thinks he must say ¨correctly¨ like a politico...stuffy, tiresome...I wish he´d get the Hell out of Lambeth (mouth balls would be nice) and make room for a more in touch, vital person who takes meaningful spiritual positions...Canon Giles Frazer and the Bishop of Buckingham look to be solid choices (along with +Liverpool who is regrouping after illness but will no doubt come back fully repaired and will continue to be the straight/courageous shooter he is)! Desmond Tutu would be a ¨from heaven¨ temporary replacement!

Leonard said...

Meanwhile, while I´m fantasizing how about the Very Reverend Jeffrey John for Dean of St. Pauls? THAT would make a dent in the C of E´s not so good integrity!

JCF said...

Leonardo FTW! JJ for Dean!

MarkBrunson said...

It says something that, seeing no more than the title "The Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks" my immediate reaction is "Oh, God, preserve your people!"