Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reports on the Transition of the USA from Democracy to Oligarchy May Be Premature

Voters in Ohio rejected efforts to curb collective bargaining rights by a big margin handing Governor Kasich a big defeat.

Voters in Mississippi said no, every sperm is not sacred by an unexpectedly wide margin.

Down Easters in Maine voted to keep their 38 year old same day voter registration law handing their Teabag governor a big defeat.

State Senator Russell Pearce, architect of Arizona's immigration law, was recalled by the voters, defeated by a Republican moderate.

It was a good night for gay kids. Lotsa gay boys and girls got elected last night. Houston voted to keep their lesbian mayor. Holyoke Massachusetts elected a 22 year old gay mayor. The Dems hung on to the Iowa State Senate defeating any chance for same sex marriage repeal this session.

No On Marriage and The Family Research Council had a very bad night at the polls, Thank God.

Plutocracy and its favorite weapon, divide et impera, had a very bad night. Good!


Your Betters do not like to be contradicted:

Know your place peasants!


it's margaret said...

Not quite so sure it was a good night in Virginia --called a bell-weather state ringing in what's next --the extreme right may well have captured our Senate --the only body that keeps us from teetering off in to an agitated right-wing froth.... the race is still undecided between one seat in the Senate.... keep us in your prayers.

Counterlight said...

I understand that the conventional wisdom said that a Republican takeover of the Virginia Senate was inevitable. Apparently you guys put up quite a fight and the race is still not over yet. You may yet make the high priests of the conventional wisdom look foolish ... again.

Indeed you will be in my prayers.

Daniel Weir said...

It's Holyoke, Massachusetts. Mount Holyoke is the college in South Hadley. Great news!

Counterlight said...

Thanks Fr. Weir for the correction.

IT said...

The Iowa Senate result was big. NOM, the haters of all things gay, poured money into this race because if a Republican got the seat, they could challenge marriage equalty. It wasn't even close: the Democrat took it with something like 55 to 43.

Unknown said...

It is good to see hope arise again. Thanks for those pieces of good news.

it's margaret said...

dang --what a vile video!!! --it's not the banks, it's not wall street --it's the government?!!!! --and it's regulations!!!!???? BE QUIET OR LEAVE!!!!

--sheeessshhh --I coulda gone the week and not seen that!

anyway --we lost the Senate majority we had in Virginia. Analysis here:


JCF said...

{Holding Virginia---Land o' My Father's Peeps---in prayer}

Otherwise: a Very Good Night! :-)

Malcolm+ said...

There is something more than a bit odd about an elected public official shouting at a constituent, "Shut up! You need to listen!"

Perhaps the Congressman should read the Constitution he pretends to fetishize. Then he'd realize that he is the one who should be sutting up and listening.