Friday, November 25, 2011

Moral Christians

There are days when I think not even God can stand to be around those spiteful narrow-minded kill-joys who call themselves Christians.

Could it be, Maggie, that people are giving you a hard time over this issue because you are just plain wrong about it, and that you advocate effectively stigmatizing and disenfranchising whole classes of people? Could it be that the heat you feel coming back at you is because you enable those who dehumanize and harm lgbtq folk?

Both of these are from JoeMyGod. Joe Jervis has a cast iron stomach for this sort of thing.

Rather than argue against all of this myself, I'll let someone who was much better with words than I'll ever be make my point.

If Moral Virtue was Christianity,
Christ’s Pretensions were all Vanity,
And Cai’phas & Pilate Men
Praise Worthy, & the Lion’s Den
And not the Sheepfold, Allegories
Of God & Heaven & their Glories.
The Moral Christian is the Cause
of the Unbeliever & his Laws.
The Roman Virtues, Warlike Fame,
Take Jesus’ & Jehovah’s Name;
For what is Antichrist but those
Who against Sinners Heaven close
With Iron bars, in Virtuous State,
And Rhadamanthus at the Gate?

--William Blake, “The Everlasting Gospel”

EXTRA: As far as Maggie is concerned, I'm a hell-bound sodomite and a universalist antinomian heretic. Fine. If I must err (and EVERYONE errs in these matters), then I would err on the side of Love rather than Law.


Unknown said...

Well said, Doug, (and William Blake!)!

it's margaret said...

1. Joel and I don't have children --so I guess we shouldn't be married...

2. Bigot... right.

3. tolerance --there is no tolerance for hatred, discrimination and prejudice.

...sigh... and you have a stronger stomach than I, dear Doug. I love the Blake quote --thank you!

it's margaret said...

ps--I am grateful that you err on the side of Love.

JCF said...


I actually like the Hope Church sign (as long as, y'know, "three fingers point back" and all)

Maggie can bite me: I probably have a high enough fat content for her (Meeeeeow!)