Saturday, November 1, 2008

For All Souls

At this time of year, we remember our good and dear dead.
Here are mine:

Frank Hancock Blanchard
my father
November 13, 1927 - December 14, 2000

Paul Christian Epstrup
My step grandfather
died 1972

Nell Works Blanchard Epstrup
my grandmother
died 1975

Ray Blanchard
my uncle
died 2005

Helen Dollarhide Schumacher
my grandmother
died 1983

Dorothy Dollarhide
my great aunt
died 1971

Edith Dollarhide
my great aunt
died 1970

Paul Schumacher
my cousin
died 2003

Betty Schumacher
his wife
died 2008

Father Charles Graham Bewick
a good friend
 died 1989

Father William Chapman
my former rector at Trinity Church, Saint Louis

Clare Menking
an old school friend
1958 - 1988

Howard Maclean
another old school friend
1958 - 1976

Fabian Bunten
a friend from St. Louis
died 1988

Dr. Lawrence D. Steefel
a mentor from grad school
died March 3, 1992

Henry Shields
an old school friend

Margaret Fury
and friend from St. Louis
died 1990

Anthony Gawron
a long time studio mate and fellow artist
 died 2005

JeDon Washington
the first artist that I ever knew, and whose work made me pick up a brush


 And here is a very old song for all of our departed:

May they all rest in peace, and know that I still think of them.

Credit to Garrison Keillor for directing me to this song.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Beautiful. Glad to see that someone else observes the old calendar. Dinner sometime? Chelsea Diner or Mole or somewhere in-bewteen? (oh shut up, grandmere, LOL)

Counterlight said...

The worst part of getting older is that list getting longer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Doug. But on the other hand, more memories than some. I'm serious about dinner, btw.

Counterlight said...

How about next Saturday after Open Studios (see above post)? Or I could do next Sunday PM.

Anonymous said...

Since I would have to be back here on Sunday you think maybe we should take this "private"? I've lost your e address and can't find it here. Next Sunday evening is possible.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Deanna Durbin. Lovely remembrance.

CL, wait till you get to be ancient. My two younger sisters are gone.

Scott, I saw that. It's not nice to talk to an old lady like that.

Counterlight said...

Here is my email

Anonymous said...

But grandmere, you're not an old lady; you're a friend to whom I can say almost anything - especially in jest. It was a way of asking you to watch out for us, as I think you know.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Scott, of course, you can say anything to me. You're my friend with whom I can be the silliest. That's high praise.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's how I intuited it, too, grandmere. You're just the very best. Watch out; next, I'll be inviting myself to fly to NOLA (nearest airport) if you're not careful. [btw, I agree with you about Deanna Durbin.]


Anonymous said...


More seriously, I watched my mom lose all her siblings, one by one. It was devastating to her, so I kinda get what you say. You're doing magnificently, and I kinda count on you to keep on keeping on
(not that you must; just that you know you got "heard", however it goes for you as the years roll on).