Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Journey to a Star Would Not Be Very Far...

It looks like Proposition Hate won a narrow victory in California.

That anyone's marriage should be up for a vote is a bitter and absurd injustice.  What's really galling is the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party on this issue.  At least the Republicans can make some claim to "principle" in their opposition to gay marriage, but for Democrats, that opposition is purely a matter of political expediency.  They have no reason to oppose it other than it's politically risky for them to support gay marriage. 
I see a lot of silver linings in that cloud out in California.  I can remember when initiatives like this would pass as a matter of course by huge majorities, and I can remember back to Anita Bryant days.  That the haters had to work so hard and to spend so much money to eek out a narrow victory means that they hear their death knell ringing.  We know, and they know, that their victory is fleeting, that next time, and soon,  justice will prevail.

Meanwhile, Love endures, and we can all enjoy timeless love songs in Technicolor that the haters can never take away from us.

Here's one for IT and BP:

Don't despair my dears.  Piss off the haters by enjoying your love and having a long and happy marriage.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Counterlight, how beautiful, your words and the music. The lovely Alice Faye and her lovely voice are always a treat. Is that John Garfield with her?

it's margaret said...

Thank you Counterlight. God bless you.

Yeah. Love on!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweet counterlight.


Counterlight said...

You're welcome anytime.

Paul said...


Counterlight said...

"Is that John Garfield with her?"

No, Grandmere, it's Matt Ellison.

I got the pictures that you sent, and no that's not the artist that I saw. Your picture is better, in my opinion.
Also, what an odd choice of subject for an artist from Harlem.