Monday, November 24, 2008

TDan's African Journey

Saint Louis du Senegal, from Wikimedia

I've been following Toujoursdan's fascinating daily posts on his trip to Senegal (where a lot of my students come from). He also has a lot of splendid pictures from Senegal posted as well. Senegal might well surprise you. It's not quite what I expected.

It's a lot more interesting, and enlightening, than keeping track of the Anglican Wars these days, and I'm more than a little tired lately. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, not for Turkey dinner and Michael's family, but so I can get back into my studio and have some undisturbed time to work there.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

It is a Wonderful Worfl...Doug, there is a little wonder of a wonderful award at my blog...Happy Thanksgiving.

FranIAm said...

Oh - it is wonderful isn't it? And the flickr photos.

Brilliant - just great stuff!

Anonymous said...

For those who enjoy "graphic novels", one of the most enjoyable (for those who aren't stuck in "superhero" mode) is "Aya", about a Senegalese teen girl and her friends and family.