Monday, November 17, 2008

A Night Out on the Castro

Some religious folk show up one night on the Castro to save the queers, and look what happens:

Some people, and people whose views I respect greatly, find this deeply disturbing. We haven't seen this kind of visceral anger in gay folk in 10 years, not since the murder of Matthew Shepard. A credible argument could be made that this kind of rage is counterproductive.
And yet, these good Christian people knew what they were doing. They knew that their presence in the Castro would be provocative, and surprise! They got a reaction, and not a nice one.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the same as walking down 125th street in Harlem waving a Confederate battle flag. People will respond, and in ways that are more visceral than thoughtful.

Thanks to Toujoursdan for finding this and posting it.


Mike in Texas said...

If the high whining coming from the fundies is correct about the touching, I think it went a little too far. However, I remain skeptical of the fundie reports that certainly are not verified in this video.

Otherwise, they have to come to grips with the fact that they've outworn their welcome. APparently they've been doing this regularly for quite some time.

Counterlight said...

If the fundies want to avoid being touched and shouted at, then they should stay out of the Castro and similar neighborhoods.

Walking though these neighborhoods singing something like "Onward Christian Soldiers" is just asking for trouble.

I certainly don't condone violent speech or violent actions, but I have to ask, what did these folks expect, discount coupons, dinner invitations?

johnieb said...

Gracious, CL,

from your intro, I might have thought there was Fundie blood flowing in the streets. What, pray, is the fuss about? It appears to be a largely spontaneous and entirely justified reaction to some completely witless incendiary demonstration by a few who cry "Lord, Lord." What are the accusations? I saw no "Christian Witnesses" swinging from lamp posts by a rope, no tar and feathers: WTF?

I see a model of democracy in action.

KittKatt said...

Yes, my post "Is this the new Stonewall Rebellion?" is generating a lot of comments at the Gay Spirituality Blog

As I wrote there, today's protests are not like the old days when we used to sing, “We are a gentle, angry people.” Now we are an angry, angry people.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts upon viewing:

Good fences make good neighbors.

Wonder how many of the police were glbt (with admiration for their level-headedness and attention to duty).

Feel a little like these are my fathers and mothers offering appropriate protection.

Wondering what would have happened if these particular "christians" had first sat down and shared bread with whoever showed up.

Wonder how many on both sides will be in church on Sunday.

Someone doesn't honor the history of the glbt Castro or they'd be coming to learn something about christianity instead of preaching an outmoded version of it.

Incendiary thought: How about if TEC were to do something like this in the direction of the schismatics. My bad.

BillyD said...

The group who did this (Justice House of Prayer San Francisco) seem to be hardcore nutcases, even by fundagelical standards.

Counterlight said...


Actually, I agree with you. I think they got what was coming to them.
If anything, considering the anger, I thought the crowd seemed restrained.

Counterlight said...

I noted the large police escort that these folks had. The SFPD clearly anticipated trouble.
Yes, I do think that some of those cops were gay. The NYPD actively recruits in the gay community, and I'm sure the SFPD does the same.

Anonymous said...


I'm betting every last one of those cops was lgbt. Thanking you for your blog.

Davis said...

Thank God thy weren't violent, though it was like the Klan marches in Skokie IL.

That Christians, of whom I count myself one, can be seen as the enemy of gay and lesbian people breaks my heart every time. But I was proud to hear the chants of "Shame on You" - shame indeed is brought upon Christianity when it devalues any human being..

PseudoPiskie said...

Hmmm. Perhaps dinner invitations are exactly what are needed. I have yet to meet a person who would deny rights to lgbts who is aware they know any. If their next invasion is known in advance, perhaps those folks could be met with radical hospitality. Would they know how to respond? They need to be reminded that sodomy has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with how they treat others.

johnieb said...

An excellent point, Pseudo; love them and welcome them until the coals burn through to their braqins, if any.

I thought the video showed the SFPD doing first class work in difficult circumstances. (I was a city police officer for a few years in the Seventies)

Anonymous said...

They don't want to know any GLBT, and they think GLBT are subhuman and deserve no rights.

That's what I heard them shout at as from the streets in the protests I have attended recently.

We have no rights.

Christianist fascists.


Anonymous said...

They don't want to know any GLBT, and they think GLBT are subhuman and deserve no rights.

That's what I heard them shout at as from the streets in the protests I have attended recently.

We have no rights.

Christianist fascists.


James said...

Ah, to be young again and to be a part of demonstrations.

Have you read that Margaret Cho will
"MC" the Sacramento rally this Saturday?

Padre Mickey said...

The Fundies got to feel that they were being persecuted for their faith, but they didn't do anything to proclaim or further the Reign of God.

That was not evangelism by any authentic definition of the word.

Anonymous said...
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Counterlight said...

Sorry, anonymous postings get booted off.
Pick a name, any name, before you post next time.