Thursday, November 6, 2008

The NY Times on Proposition Hate

The Times devotes their lead editorial this morning to anti-gay ballot measures in 4 states, and says that there is no cause for despair.

The Times has long supported gay marriage.  Governor Patterson supports gay marriage and has said so publicly, so has Mayor Bloomberg.
And yet, it's a very safe bet that there will be gay marriage in California BEFORE New York, even after (and maybe because of) the narrow victory of Proposition Hate.

Here's a map from the Times of how all the counties in the USA shifted this year from Republican to Democrat and vice versa.  Note where all the counties that became more Republican this year are concentrated.  I'd say Howard Dean's 50 state strategy really paid off this year.  So, who's screamin' now?

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toujoursdan said...

I always thought that whole "Dean Scream" bit showed how much the media controls public opinion. Whether he was a good candidate or not, the treatment he got for that was biased.

Governor Patterson is now blogging on the gay site Pam's House Blend