Sunday, November 16, 2008

No More Mr. Nice Gay!

Here is an alternative view on the whole issue of payback for supporting discriminatory legislation aimed at LGBTs.  

I must confess to being of 2 minds on this issue.  Yes, I am in favor of a positive campaign for gay marriage and gay civil rights.  However, though I may be skeptical of the effectiveness of boycotts, I'm not willing to spend my money with a business that believes that I'm not, and shouldn't be, a full and equal citizen.  
The reason those big rallies on Saturday were so necessary is because politicians and businesses pay attention to numbers, and numbers mean power.  Why should we be reluctant to use that power?
The boycotts of businesses during the Civil Rights campaigns of the late 50s early 60s hurt the economies of many towns in the South causing foreclosures and layoffs.  I'm sure Dr. King did not get much good will from the unemployed workers or bankrupt owners of many businesses.  But, Dr. King understood, as Gandhi understood when his boycotts hurt British industry, that nonviolent struggle is still struggle, it is using your power.

Indeed, payback is a bitch.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Oh, swell, Counter, you kicked the Alice Cooper loop in my brain...

No more Mr. Nice Gay
No more Mr. Queeee-een
No more Mr. Nice Gay
They say he's a bitch, and meee-an!

Mike in Texas said...

IMO, it is self-defeating to worry about backlash.

There will always be backlash, even against Mr. Nice Gay, no matter what we do.

But we won't get anywhere if we just sit back and take it with a Mr. Nice Gay smile.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash from CA: The Yes-on-8 side is accusing the governor of fomenting anarchy, because he advocates peaceful, legal dissent.

I tell you, these people are showing their true colors....and their fashion sense appears to stop at the jackboot.

suppressing dissent: incipient facism?

Dangerous, dangerous times.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dangerous times, IT?


What do you think I´ve been harranging about for these past years!

For some of you, more fortunate than I, you may never see the murder of someone you love...but then, these insane bigoted basta*ds are capabale of doing ANYTHING vile in the name of a God who needs no defending!

GUN sales are UP!

Look at what happened in NIGERIA already...does massacre ring a bell? All instigated with a smurk/nod from a vendictive, powerhungry old goat/moron of a Bishop...same in Jamaica and the West Indies, rampant crimes of hate everywhere...and then there is the fire of PERSECUTION brewing against LGBT citizens in Uganda...thuggery and arrest is being preached everywhere at The Anglican Church/beyond and WE BEST BE AWARE OF IT and stop playing PRETEND!

Someone ought go shake the Archbishop of Canterbury until he becomes alert and recognizes the REAL danger the world is in while he defends the ¨perps¨ of fear and hate at The Anglican Communion!