Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still Partyin'

Here's some Obama reggae from Cocoa Tea:

I heard a discussion on the radio about a "new Progressive patriotism." Huh? We were ALWAYS patriotic! We went to all those protests, signed those petitions, wrote all those letters to the editor, canvassed door to door, worked phone banks, did fundraising, organized unions, and sometimes sat in jails and got beat up because we ALWAYS LOVED this country! If we really hated America like the right wing always said we did, we'd just stay home while they fucked it up.

"Loyalty to country always, loyalty to the government only when they deserve it."
-- Mark Twain

Tomorrow is a national holiday in Kenya, Obama day.  The radio stations in Nairobi have been playing Cocoa Tea's song constantly.  

FURTHER UPDATE:  I've been hearing a lot of talk that Obama won BECAUSE he's black, that mobs of squishy guilt ridden white people were eager to vote for any black candidate.  If that was the case, then Alan Keyes should have been President a long time ago.
It ain't no mystery why he won folks.  We're sick of Dubya, we've had it up to here with the Republicans, they've got nothing to offer anymore, and Barack Obama came from behind to demonstrate to us all that he is abundantly qualified to lead the nation.

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FranIAm said...

The last line - YOUR last line, not Twain's - brilliant. Great vid too.