Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And Another One Pops Out of the Closet.

Anti-gay activist and Baptist preacher George Alan Rekers returns from Spain with a gorgeous rent-boy.

My, my my!

"But I hired him to lift my luggage!"

Of course, dear.


Joe My God reveals the identity of the boy-for-hire. He can lift my luggage anytime.

Hat tip to JCF.


Joe My God points out on the same post that George Alan Rekers is rapidly being disappeared by the Right. His name and websites are being erased and delinked, he is being Photoshopped and cropped out of official pictures; hell, if Joe Stalin was still alive, he'd get a show trial and a bullet in the back of the head.
Thoughts and prayers might indeed be in order for Rekers and for his family and friends. Let's face it, Rightwing Christians can be as ruthless and unforgiving as Communists ever were.
Let's hope Rekers has the grace and good sense to embrace the community he persecuted for so long.

As for Geo, don't spend all your hard earned money on a drug habit. Start a savings account. You'll need it. If you really are in college, start preparing for a real career.


IT said...

I know. You know, I'd have more respect for their bigotry if it wasn't founded in SELF-loathing homophobia.

Ueber-G said...

"Lift my luggage". Is that a new euphemism?

Counterlight said...

Well if it isn't it will be soon.

IT said...

Right up there with "hiking tha Appalachian trail".

Now he claims he was "saving" the rent boy. As part of his ministry.

JCF said...

I wouldn't be surprised if, IT, he actually believes that: his self-delusion running THAT deep.

[The ever-vigilant JoeMyGod was great w/ the juicy details: inc. the SPEED w/ which Rekers' Wingnut pals are doing the Stalin-esque "Quick, ERASE HIM from our official memories!" thang. I could almost feel sorry for Rekers . . . and then again, not so much. But we (Christians) should pray for him anyway. As we must.]

Rick+ said...

Having checked out the RentBoy.com website (purely for research purposes, of course)where he engaged this young man's services there is absolutely no way George didn't know what he was doing. Give me a break, George.

Paul (A.) said...

Well, the engagement certainly was beneficial for Rekers, since at the end of the trip he was "handling his own luggage" in the Miami airport.

JCF said...

Joe My God reveals the identity of the boy-for-hire. He can lift my luggage anytime.

Heh-heh, Doug: recalling pictures of your (much more!) lovely Michael, why does that not surprise me? ;-)

Actually, I feel sorry for my gay male brothers: on the same day you got George Rekers (as one of your own) we XXers got Chely Wright! ;-D