Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is This Really 20 Years Old?

It seems like yesterday that I eagerly watched to find out who killed Laura Palmer.

I loved this show all the way up to when they solved the murder...then it kind of went funny in the head. I think its success, which I don't think the show's producers expected, spoiled the show. They had to come up with more episodes to keep the franchise going.

While it was in top form, it was amazing, like this brief scene at the end of one crucial episode. It combines dread, the uncanny, and great sadness all in a couple of minutes. I love the use of color such as the cold brilliant spot light intruding upon the dark lush reds. Angelo Badalamenti's lush symphonic score and Julee Cruise's ethereal and poignant singing are the perfect counterparts.

Even though it takes up 2 YouTube posts, it's actually very short.


IT said...

There's a fish in the coffee pot!

Loved it.

Anonymous said...

NO! NOT twenty YEARS!

I've known Kyle since college, but wow...I had no idea it had been that long.

Off to feel old now. ;-)

Counterlight said...

I watched this with friends when I was a thirty something in Saint Louis. Now I'm a 50 something, and all those pretty young 20 somethings in that show are now 40 somethings.

Time schlepps on.

Counterlight said...


Welcome to my eccentric and cranky little blog.

JCF said...

I swear, the first few eps of this show were the SCARIEST things I'd ever seen on TV! (Mainly due to the Incomparable Angelo! What his music could do w/ the just a traffic light was CHILLING!)

True Story: my favorite movie of "The Naughts", was Mulholland Dr (No, not JUST for the lesbian sex scenes, you pervs! ;-p). Anyway, the FIRST few seconds of the movie, I exclaimed (to my TV---saw it on a free premium cable weekend, a year or two after it came out) "This sounds like Twin Peaks!" No sooner had I said it aloud, that I remembered it was a Lynch movie. D'oh!

[Back to when TP jumped-the-shark: Lynch was adding a new member to the cast, every ep---to make up for there not being a plot. }-X]

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :-)

Counterlight said...

I really like David Lynch's work, and I must confess that I've seen relatively little of it. I've never seen Mulholland Drive or Blue Velvet, and everyone I know raves about them. I've seen his version of Elephant Man (loved it, very sweetly Anglican underneath all the reconstructed Victorian darkness), Dune (like the movie, don't care much for the story), and I own a copy of Eraserhead (a tremendously popular cult movie with the art students and punk rockers I knew thousands of years ago).

IT said...

"Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies...."

and remember the Log Lady?

Counterlight said...

I remember Log Lady and her log.