Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colbert on Glenn Beck

"Oh I just can't wait to be King!"

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I must confess that I've never watched Glenn Beck...
... and never wanted to.

Glenn Beck looks like the son and grandson his faithful audience wish they had, telling them everything that they want to hear, and that it's from God Himself. He has that old time boyish charm that their slacker and hipster grandchildren do not. The frequent tears and melodrama only enhance his appeal to them. He's the son that they could be proud of, the son they all wanted and didn't get. He reminds me a lot of Ollie North with that about-to-burst-into-tears-at-any-moment earnestness.

I wonder what Dr. King (who made no secret of his socialist sympathies and his criticisms of capitalism for its moral failings) would think of all these Republican white guys trying to appropriate his legacy? I wonder if he would really feel the pain of all those hurting rich hetero white males out there.

I'm not expecting much on August 28th except the beginning of another semester.

Thanks JCF.

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susan s. said...

Ah yes, the Patriot Tears Perfume!