Sunday, May 9, 2010

And A Little Hustler Shall Lead Them

Joe My God interviews Jo-vanni (aka "Lucien").

And apparently the young man is in way over his head and being threatened.

I agree with Dan Savage that Mike Jones, the hustler who brought down Ted Haggart, was treated very shabbily after doing the LGBT community a huge service bringing down a particularly bad monster.
Perhaps this time around, we'll do a better job of rallying around Gay America's fighting rent-boys when they take another ogre by the balls and throw him to the floor.


Apparently, people are stepping up. National gay organizations are starting to circle the wagons around the kid just in case Reekers (not a typo), or the far right mafia, try to legally break his knees or take him out.
I think this is a potentially much bigger fish than Ted Haggart. It now casts further doubt on the already dubious credibility of all other "cure-the-gay" experts. I hope this case proves to be fatal for the courtroom credibility of all such "experts" from now on.

Good for Jo-vanni for reeling that mutha in, even if he did use himself for bait.


Leonard said...

I agree fully. This guy, Jo-vanni seems very straight forward...a personal character quality that his former employer (ugly as a train wreck both inside and out) can´t touch...something about meeting people exactly where they are can´t really happen for those who are filled with self-loathing, fear and deceit.

Counterlight said...

From what I've been reading about that little holiday in Spain, that kid earned that money. If anything, I think he undercharged for his services.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I agree. This kid must be protected! And he has done a great service by/in his economic and social misery.