Sunday, May 2, 2010

Something Happen In Times Square Last Night?

I slept through it.

Someone put together an amateur car bomb which DID NOT go off, thanks to alert pedestrians and the NYPD in the square.

So far, I don't know anything about possible suspects. Let's just go down the long long list of hateful obsessive crazies that have New York in their gun-sights, from Osama bin Laden and his infernal fan club, to any number of Tim McVeigh wannabes.


I think Saint Vincent's Hospital closing down last week after 160 years serving Greenwich Village and the Lower West Side is a much bigger disaster. That will really hurt Lower Manhattan, and increase the burden on already over-burdened Bellevue.


Ten dollars says that the Times Square Bomber will turn out to be an angry right wing white guy Tim McVeigh wannabe. Let's survey the evidence: fertilizer bomb with firecrackers; he walked away from the would-be car bomb instead of acting as his own detonator and going up with it; balding middle aged white guy (most Islamist terrorists are in their twenties); as I recall, Islamist terror groups tried to claim the Oklahoma City bombing. Some reporters are speculating that since the car was parked close to Viacom headquarters, it could be South Park related. I doubt this guy was that bright. His attempt at a bomb makes me think he's no terror mastermind. I think he just wanted a big explosion with a lot of dead people.

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