Thursday, May 6, 2010


What a day!

-Deadly riots continue in Greece protesting coming austerity measures.

-The Gulf oil spill, the size of Delaware, makes landfall in Louisiana.

-The Dow plunges 980 points at one point today before recovering partially. The Dow closed down over 300 points.

And then there's the unsettling thought that what we are seeing in Greece might not stay in Greece:

MSNBC anchor: Is what we're seeing here a preview of what we're seeing in Greece?

Ratigan: Yes. What you have is a corrupt government rigging the game for special interests ... the banking industry being the most obvious right now where we subsidize the TBTF banks. And when that is done where the government comes out and says, Alex, "we're going to have an austerity measure for you and we're going to raise taxes on you," and the people say, "hang on a moment, the government is corrupt and rigging the game for special interests, has given all this money away to bankers and is now turning its attention back to the American people --- basically to say they're going to cut our social security in order to pay for the banks."

That's the sort of thing that gets people pretty upset.

Hat tip to Digby.

So after so much dramatic crap in a day, let's have a bottle whiskey with a straw and sing:


June Butler said...

Counterlight, you had the oil on the islands news before I did. Thanks to you and Google reader. We heard last night that oil would very likely reach the barrier islands today.

Paul (A.) said...

Is that Joe Venuti on the Ray Noble cut?

Counterlight said...

I don't know if that's Venuti or not. I'm not sure that he ever played with Ray Noble's band, but I'm not sure that he didn't either.