Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blog Notice

I've partially lifted the comment moderation. I'm now moderating comments on posts more than 2 days old to keep out the spam. I'm not able to constantly monitor the blog, but if my troll shows up again, I'll just zap his comments before he turns my comment thread into his blog ranting on about his usual misanthropic fixations, and before he insults my readers.

We'll see if this arrangement works.


Anonymous said...

I have an occasional troll, too. He pops in, makes a couple of sour, meant-to-be-dismissive comments, then flits off to pester other Anglican-style bloggers. He's actually a bit amusing.

I've been online since we used bang paths to send email (been a geek since junior high), so I'm used to such folks. Still, they are annoying. At least clouds of gnats are only abiding by their natures, and not attempting to fill some odd hole in their psyches. ;-)

Keep on fighting that good fight!

Counterlight said...

I'll bet your troll is my troll. For some reason, he's obsessed with Episcopalians and Anglicans. I can't quite figure out this fixation, but then again, obsessives don't need reasons.

Anonymous said...

He's quite the tender peach, isn't he? One would think that, with so much extra time apparently afforded by atheism (a fiddlestring he seems to pluck a lot), one could find a really fun and enriching hobby, or perhaps some volunteer work. But who knows? He might be housebound and bored out of his skull.

Of course, as I mentioned to him yesterday, I have failed to see how repeatedly following all of us earnest theists could possibly be that interesting to him. There are so many cool websites for atheists, agnostics, and anti-theists out there (I have good atheist friends who frequent some). Why put oneself through suffering our opinions?

And yes, this song is about you, my dear Rhode Island Welshman. ;-D

(And if you'd rather delete this, Doug, feel free. You don't need me instigating.)

Counterlight said...

Nah! too charming to delete.

I think the hobby he needs is to get his own blog. I think our poor pathetic man from Providence fills his otherwise empty and unimaginative life by making himself seem important to us.

He's only important as a nuisance,but apparently, that's enough for him.

Unknown said...

Trolls like that are not fun! I've had my share of them over the years. I understand totally about moderating the blog!

IT said...

You strategy works for us at FoJ, Doug. We do periodically have to tdy up with a pooperscooper, though.

Sorry troll.

Anonymous said...

I think having his own blog would be a great idea. He seems to have a lot of opinions that he needs to share. Blogging is certainly how I'm channeling my own opinionated obnoxiousness! :-)

And I think "Rhode Island Welshman" would be a fine title, as arrogant as I am.