Friday, May 21, 2010

Texans Fight the Right

Apparently, Texans are not quietly endorsing the State School Board's proposed textbook changes to a very rightward ideological direction (including the science curriculum; evolution, cell formation, and the Big Bang are not patriotically correct according to the 10 Republicans on the Board). As the vote nears, meetings are noisy and packed with protesters. There appears to be a lot of resistance to this in the state.

Most people assume that Texas is deep red, but if you look closely, it's really purple.


JCF said...

Just heard it passed. >:-(

Counterlight said...

A foregone conclusion.


Glad I'm here and not there.

June Butler said...

How sad. You can bet that the textbooks will be used in Louisiana. Texas is a big market, and the rest of the southern states will grab up the books that will teach our kids ignorant drivel.