Friday, May 21, 2010

That Black Guy in the White House Is Really Changing Things

I still really like this guy despite my complaints about how he's handled the Bush/Cheney War On Terror.

I hope the linked article is right about his major project to undo 35 years of growing inequality. That would be a major -- and most welcome -- historic accomplishment.

He's been in office not even 2 years, and he's already accomplished a lot with Healthcare Reform, START negotiations, major reforms in education that have been under-reported, and now Financial Regulatory Reform. None of these are perfect, but they are a lot, and done despite a gridlocked Congress and a polarized electorate. These will be major transformations in American life.


Rick said...

I am reminded, in reverse, of a joke from my childhood. 'They told me that if I voted for Goldwater we'd have escalation in Vietnam and rioting in the streets. Well, I voted for him, and we did.'

In the primaries I supported Hillary, because I saw her as a workhorse who would get things done. And I worried that Obama was the sort of high-minded Dem who would be the second coming of either Adlai Stevenson or Jimmy Carter.

So I am almost inordinately pleased by his performance in office. He keeps coming through on the big ones, and the things he hasn't done I wouldn't much expect in the real world anyway.

JCF said...

I still really like this guy

Me too. When I see him on the Tube, my hand goes, almost involuntarily, to my heart and I utter "My President!"

I'm 48 years old, and after all the Presidents I've lived through (endured, mostly), this has never happened before! ;-p

Counterlight said...

Having a president that I'm actually happy with, even partially, is for me a very novel experience. I've seen a lot of them. I was born in Eisenhower's second term. The first I remember was JFK. The first one I voted for was Ford (he lost, and I regret that vote). I voted AGAINST more often than I voted for; against Reagan twice, against Bush the First, more against the Republicans than for Clinton. I threw away a crucial vote on Nader in 2000. I'm determined never to do that again. I voted AGAINST Bush the Second and President Cheney in 2004. Thank God Edwards self destructed before the New York primary in 2008! I was going to vote for him. In the end, I voted for Obama twice in 08, in the primary and in the general. First time my candidate won, and it's the first time I ever donated to a campaign.

susan s. said...

Yes, isn't it wonderful? He actually is articulate and can formulate complete sentences on the fly. I too, love him. JCF, my hand also goes to my heart often now because he is our president. Neither of the bushes was my president!