Wednesday, May 26, 2010


One person's adventurously daring exotic meal is someone else's home cooking.

I'm told that many Asians find the very idea of cheese to be unspeakably revolting.

And when you think about it ...


Murdoch Matthew said...

Cheese is rotten milk. And milk is for babies, not adults.

JCF said...

Kind of like sex.

I mean, think about it: ALL Sex is really pretty objectively disgusting (Flesh. Friction. Bodily Fluids. And always stink-causing bacteria hanging around, at least!).

Yet for some unfathomable reason, practitioners of One Kind of Disgusting Sex, get their knickers in a twist over Someone Else's Kind of Disgusting Sex. WTF?

JCF: who'd love some disgusting sex! Please! ;-p

Counterlight said...

Sex has its disgusting side, but so does eating.