Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Harvey!

Harvey Milk would have been 80 years old today. Back in 1978, Dan White had other ideas.

The struggle continues and the bodies keep piling up.

Maybe we should consider flying this flag with our Rainbows.

I know the Teabaggers fly this flag. Let's just wave it right back in their faces.

This was a historic flag from the American Revolution long before the Teabaggers were born (a long time ago). The right appropriates national symbols (including those created by left/liberals) all the time for their own purposes. Why not appropriate this one back?

Thanks to IT for the reminder.


IT said...

I think you'll have to put a rainbow on the snake, though. The Teabaggers are using this version!

Counterlight said...

Screw the Teabaggers! I'll just wave it right back at them.

JCF said...

Believe it or not, Doug, but Harvey would actually be *80*, not 70.

[Remember the start of the movie? (Milk) He says to . . . um, James Franco (I've forgotten the real guy's name! Bad JCF!) "Today's my 40th birthday", and it was 1970. 40 years ago. Yikes! :-X]

Counterlight said...

I was never good at arithmetic.

Counterlight said...

"Believe it or not, Doug, but Harvey would actually be *80*, not 70."

I fixed it.